An important update on COVID-19. HTCA do what we do best, providing highest quality services with the safety of our patients/clients and staff as our top priority. HTCA continues offering its services to the patients/clients and helps them in booking their appointments. We offer both in clinic, video & phone consultations.


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Welcome to Hair Transplant Clinics Australia

Our clinic provides the most advanced and effective hair restoration procedures available in the world.
We offer a wide range of procedures for hair restoration which includes Micro-FUE and SmartGraft®

Minimally Invasive

Micro’ FUE involves uses a motorised punch with size less than 1mm for the graft extraction process

Maximum Survival of Grafts

Temperature of follicles maintained after extraction and stored in special graft holding solution.

Natural Result

Follicles are implanted in the exact angle, direction and depth with the help if Implanter thus gives Natural undetectable Results.

Lifetime Growth

Special care taken while harvesting and only healthy hair from ‘safe-zone’ is extracted from donor area.

No Pain

Entire Procedure performed under local anaesthesia, no pain and no discomfort during the procedure.

No Visible Scar

No Scalpel and stitches involved in the procedure.



Micro FUE



Non Surgical Treatment

Non Surgical Treatment

Consultations are Available by Appointment

In Clinic

You can visit our clinic in Stanmore. We offers a complimentary, obligation-free consultation where you will have the opportunity to discuss the hair restoration options available to you.

Phone Consultation

If you are unable to attend our clinic for an in-house consultation, a phone consultation can be arranged. Just call or fill out the online enquiry form – we’ll ask you to send in some relevant photos and schedule a consultation time.

Video Consultation

We also offer Video (Skype/Zoom/Facetime) consultations. Just call or fill out the online enquiry form and we’ll coordinate with you to fix an online consultation.

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