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A highly personal service with Dr Joseph Rizk. An unwavering ethical approach that focuses on your best interests at all times. An emphasis on naturalness and safety over all else – meaning that your hair transplant can be undetectable and serve you for a lifetime. Strict hygiene and professionalism.


  • Hair follicles are extracted and implanted one-by-one
  • Punch size less than 1.0mm
  • Micro-FUE technique, leaves No visible scar
  • Single use disposable instruments
  • Use specialized implanter for placement of follicles
  • No scalpels and stitches
  • No slivering & cutting of Grafts
  • Minimal Handling of follicles
  • Graft temperature maintained throughout the procedure
  • Follicles stored in holding solution
  • 100% Natural Results
  • Maximum possible density
  • Pain free, minimally invasive procedure done under local anesthesia
  • Quick recovery
  • Resume work from very next day
  • Results for lifetime


We aim to make our patients, both male and female have the best possible outcome for their hair restoration journey. We will always focus on tried and tested, safe procedures to give our patients the best result possible.


Our vision is to have a one stop clinic to provide answers and treatments for patients. We see a need to efficiently cut through the noise so that our patients don’t waste their precious time finding the answers to hair restoration on their own. Our vision is that everyone deserves excellent post procedure care.