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Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss

There are five grades of female pattern hair loss (FPHL). It can be difficult to diagnose the condition and not as easily as male pattern hair loss. FPHL is genetic. It is uncertain of androgens play a role and most woman that suffer from FPHL have normal hormone levels. However FPHL is more common after menopause.

Increased shedding is a feature of FPHL. It tends to stabilize after onset and increases in severity after months. Treatments for FPHL are minoxidil, hormone replacement including thyroid of low, hair transplantation, platelet-rich plasma and wigs or bulking powders.

Chronic telegon effluvium is often confused with FPHL. Telogen effluvium is caused when there is shock to the hair and there is shedding of hair on the resting phase. It is also known as club hair due to the shape of the hair root. Typical causes are child birth, surgical procedures, weight loss, medications and sun exposure to name a few. Treatment involves gentle handling of the hair, treating the scalp condition, good diet including vitamins and proteins.

There are many other causes of female hair loss and you can seek help by visiting your GP or contacting us at hair transplant clinics Australia.