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Scalp FUE

Scalp FUE

Micro FUE

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    For Hair restoration, HTCA has redefined Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to Micro-FUE which is latest methodology of harvesting the follicular unit grafts. In FUE methodology, the individual follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. This is performed using micropunches of 0.8mm diameter, either manually or by a motorized device. The punch incises the skin surface around every hair follicle before they’re carefully teased out manually with forceps. Throughout extraction, removal of adjacent follicular units is to be avoided because it might cause the appearance of a line scar. A random or zigzag pattern is used, keeping 4-5 adjacent follicular units intact.

    At HTCA each Hair follicles are implanted one by one with the help of special implanter tool in the required angle, direction and depth thus providing 100% natural result. Throughout procedure the temperature of hair follicle is maintained and stored in a special holding solution. In MicroFUE Handling of follicles is very minimal which help us with maximum success rate.

    We have come up with different hair cut options for our customers to choose from according to their lifestyle and comfort.

    Full Shave

    Donor site (back of the scalp) and recipient site is trimmed in zero level. Using this maximum number of hair follicle can be extracted.

    Line Shave


    Hair is trimmed in a line with 1 cm or more width according to the length of hair so that the existing hair cover the line.

    No Shave


    Hair follicle is extracted from donor site without trimming the hair. In this method the total number of hair follicle will be less than 1000 in a sitting.