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The clinic was started by a team of professionals that are experienced and passionate about hair transplantation surgery and science. The team is led by Dr Joseph Rizk, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with years of microsurgery experience. The clinic aims to give leading techniques at affordable prices so that patients achieve their results and stay in Australia.

The process

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Duration of Hair transplant depends up on many factors like, number of grafts, type of skin, density, type of baldness etc, however min 4-6 hrs is required for approx.1000 grafts.

Antibiotics for 5 days, slight restriction in exercises, avoid head bath for 3 days, avoid swimming for 15 days, use cap while going out to prevent from sun, only button shirts for 3 days etc.

Not every hair loss sufferer is a candidate for hair transplant surgery. Hair loss can happen due to different reasons. A proper scalp analysis is required before going for hair transplant, so please do book an appointment to proceed further.

Individual follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. This is performed using micro-punches of 0.80mm diameter, either manually or by a motorized device. The punch incises the skin surface around every hair follicle before they’re carefully teased out manually with forceps.

We use special implanter for placing the grafts. We do not make incision holes with needles or blades. With our implanting tool, recipient site, angle, direction, depth and placement go in one shot like retractable click pen.

At HTCA each FU is extracted and implanted with extra care and very minimal handling thus no trauma to the follicles. After extraction FU’s are kept well hydrated and temperature is maintained throughout the procedure. The survival rate of the transplanted hairs is above 80-90%.

If the FU are not taken care of during the procedure and if handled too much, the survival rate is less than 50% or even worse.

Lotions/supplements for your existing hairs. Transplanted hairs don’t require any medications.

There’s no pain with the surgery, it’s just a little discomfort. The discomfort comes from being in the chair/bed for up to few hours for the entire process to be completed, though you will get regular breaks. The entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia, you may feel few fine needle pricks. That’s all!! Post procedure, you might experience some mild pain(headache/heaviness) but nothing that your standard painkillers can’t manage, just like with any minor surgical procedure.

In FUT the Surgeon removes a portion/strip (15 to 25cm) which extends from one ear to other. Then closes with sutures leaving a linear scar for lifetime on the back scalp. The team sliver and cut the strip in to grafts then implanted back on the scalp after making incisions with needles or blades.

In FUE methodology, the individual follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. This is performed using micro- punches of 0.80mm diameter, either manually or by a motorized device. The punch incises the skin surface around every hair follicle before they’re carefully teased out manually with forceps.

At Hair Transplant Clinics Australia, the FUE method is used by our Plastic Surgeon as it gives the best cosmetic result in most patients. The procedure will be tailored to the individual. It is not a one size fits all.

There is no visible scar after complete healing which may take up to 15 days. In MicroGraft hair transplant we use punch size less than 1mm according to your hair thickness which leaves no visible scarring after healing. (I can show you the pics of donor area after the procedure when you visit the clinic for consultation).

Hair growth is a slow process. After the procedure, you can see the growth up to 4mm in 20 days. The transplanted hair grows for about 3 week and will start to fall (not all together, some falls and some grows). Depending on hair’s natural growing cycle initial signs of growth can be seen from three to four months. To see the full growth, need to wait for 12months.

The hair follicles that are transplanted are genetically resistant against baldness so they will continue to grow over your lifetime.

This really depends on you. You need to control your hair loss (not for the transplanted hair) through medical treatment, with some lotions and tablets. This will give you a sense of your hair’s stability and prevent against further loss. Doctor will give you more information on this during the consultation.

You can go back to work on the very next day. However, there will be slight redness on the implanted area, and you will be leaving the facility with a bandage on the back scalp after the procedure which can be removed on the very next day after the procedure.

Hair transplant is a very safe, minor procedure which can be finished in a few hours.

It is not advisable to consume alcohol, tobacco, green tea, coffee at least 2 days before the hair transplant procedure. Some medication like aspirin need to be stopped 14days before the procedure id you are medically allowed to. This will be discussed at your consultation.

Hair Transplant Clinics Australia is locates within White Hill Clinic, a boutique luxury Cosmetic clinic. The address is shop 1, 2-6 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048.

Yes. Many clients have an online consultation, and the procedure is tentatively booked. We can assist with accommodation and timing to suit most client’s needs. Patients come from Victoria, Queensland and even New Zealand. Contact the office on 1300 888 383 for more information.

We believe there are better ways to spend your time overseas than recovering from surgery. In addition, you might bring a partner or a loved one to “share” the experience and you end up making them look after you and no one enjoys a holiday.
Surgery is serious, complications can happen. Some complications although very rare can be so serious that you need to be admitted in hospital and potentially be in intensive care. Just google hair transplant complications in the country of your choice. At HTCA we put you and your health first, closely followed by an excellent cosmetic result.

Yes, females can have a hair transplant procedure. Our technique of micro-grafts and minimal scarring is ideal for female patients wanting hair transplant surgery. We also perform PRP and LED on female and male patients.

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