Hair Loss

Hair loss in men

Noticing hair loss?

The most common cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness which is inherited from parents. Other causes are medications, malnutrition, stress and illness to name a few.
It is not uncommon to lose 25-50% of hair density before it is noticed. The hair follicles on the back and sides of the scalp are less sensitive to testosterone than the hair on top and front. This difference makes the FUE hair restoration technique possible.

What’s FUE ?

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction and at Hair Transplant Clinics Australia we perform microsurgery involving micro-grafting to minimize scarring and give the best cosmetic results.
Some options for men going bald are to choice a style like shaving to not draw attention to the fact that there is hair missing in great spots. Other options are wigs and hair pieces and tattooing to show the appearance of shaved hair follicles. However, many of these options are not feasible. They obviously have some major disadvantages.

Hair restoration surgery when performed well on the correct person will achieve major results.

The most important advice Dr Joseph Rizk, the founder of HTCA gives is see a trained surgeon to know what your options are. Once you have a thorough consultation you will be educated on all options and the correct recovery.

After your surgery or even if you choose or can not have surgery, there are many options both non-surgical to stop the rate of hair loss and maintain the current look. An example of this is medications which can be prescribed by our surgeon.

Whatever your level of concern as a men undergoing hair loss, knowledge of the condition and options will give you more control.
We look forward to seeing you at our Clinic. I’m in Sydney.

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