Hair Loss

Hair Loss Facts

Hair can be lost due to many reasons; some more common than others. Usually, every person loses some hair each day (estimated to be about 50 to 100 hairs) and are replaced by new growth. The article will highlight the hair loss facts one has to know.

Statistics for Surgery in Australia and Overseas

Hair transplant has been a recent new business across the world. Hair surgery clinics have been established to help people get their hair loss replaced. In Australia, people consider a hair transplant as their last option to solve their hair loss. There are several top hair transplant surgery clinics in Australia that can help one find a hair loss solution.

According to a report by International society of hair restoration surgery, in the year 2020, a total of 681,964 patients went for hair transplants. The regions that top the world with highest hair transplant patients included; United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

There are Different Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss (also commonly known as alopecia) can affect both females and males. Some of the most common types are listed below –

Hereditary Hair Loss (Alopecia Androgenetica) – the hair follicles inherited break down progressively overtime. Hair growth can revive over time with treatment, and it is important to preserve and strengthen the existing hair follicles.

Diffuse Hair Loss (Alopecia Diffusa) – usually only occurs on the scalp and commonly due to a hormonal imbalance (pregnancy / menopause), vitamin deficiencies, liver diseases or psychological pressure (including stress). Hair regrowth can be successful as long as the cause for the loss is eliminated.

Circular Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) – distinct bald spots which can result in total baldness on the scalp. The cause is still not clear, however it is believed it could be an auto-immune reaction.

Hair Loss Through Chemotherapy (Alopecia Medicamentosa) – the medication used through chemotherapy inhibits the cell growth. This is mostly reversable after about three months completion of treatment.

Cost of Hair Transplant

In Australia, the cost of a hair transplant is decided basing on the graft number. Grafts can have more than 1 hair so it ends up being a lot more hair than grafts.

We are offering 1,000 grafts from $6,600.00 plus GST with $5.50 per extra graft.

Please be aware price is not the only factor to consider. We try to be affordable however the surgery is led by a Plastic Surgeon and a professional team

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